Open For Partnership

your gateway to the international food market

If you are food manufacturer, exporter or importer, NOBEL FOODSTM and Chef LeonTM provide you with:

  • Professional insights into the specifics of marketing to international customer
  • Expert mastership of traditional Scandinavian and international cuisine
  • Original recipes & food concepts development
  • Food industry and culinary consulting
  • Innovative business solutions
  • Highest quality standards for products developed in partnership
  • Established brand name for your new product or product line

Formats for partnership include:

  • Granting a license to produce own product under NOBEL FOODSTM
  • Partnership in sales and distribution for products developed under NOBEL FOODSTM and Chef LeonTM
  • Recipe development for own or joint production under NOBEL FOODSTM and Chef LeonTM
  • Food & restaurant concepts development under Chef LeonTM
  • Product endorsement by Chef LeonTM
  • Food & Marketing consulting by Chef LeonTM


NOBEL FOODSTM is an international brand which brings together the best of the Swedish and international food industry and the exotic tastes and recipes to be found in the emerging markets. As the Nobel Prize does, NOBEL FOODSTM stands for the top professional, culinary and artistic achievement Only a product worth a Nobel Prize for taste and quality, creativity and innovation can join the NOBEL FOODSTM line.

The face behind NOBEL FOODSTM

Hello! I’m international chef Leon Ek and the creator of NOBEL FOODSTM and Chef LeonTM. Living in Moscow for over 12 years, I’m an expert in the Russian food and restaurant markets well as in product taste and quality. Actually, my colleagues and customers think of me as the real Taste Artist. Once the Chef of the first Swedish restaurant in Moscow - “Scandinavia”, I also worked at the famous “Operakallaren” in Stockholm and other European top class restaurants. In Russia I created the original concept of Northern Cuisine for the Moscow’s popular “Expedition” restaurant, food concept for “Baguetteria” cafe chain and am now involved in creating the food concept for an Alaska-theme restaurant, besides working on numerous projects with top international companies. The most recent ones include development of new line of Russian dumplings “Sibir” and Swedish meatballs for SVERUS, both featuring original Chef LeonTM recipes and recommendation. And the newest addition to the NOBEL FOODSTM line is my own product NOBEL SCORPA in an assortment of original tastes.

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Hejdå, Leon Ek